Thursday, September 17, 2015

What makes Virginia a genius?

On Greene avenue
He sits in a café and wishes to study of how Woolf uses time in her aesthetics-
With a cup of filter coffee and a lemon muffin,
He starts to view an interesting essay on the passing of time in post-impressionism.

(he wishes to learn a thing or two about her art)-

Within only an hour of reading,
He realizes that he’s being watched-
a certain presence obstructs his peripheral vision:
He stops reading and looks sideways
Only to find that
An ugly-metal looking contraption stands selfishly tall
Tall enough to block his sunlight
Wide enough to block the view from the blue-grayish skies of black Friday

(he wishes to return to the text)

He cannot escape the object’s glare
this grand-looking monolith of black frame and rectangular windows
stares him right in the face
taking enough ground space
to distract and create displacement
 (he wishes to return again to his text)

He feels entrapped to its magnetic steel walls
 its shadow creeps stealthily across the leafless April trees
over the brick layered pavement
it crosses the street and dives into the café…

He feels a shiver
It crawls its way from his toes to his neck
Hypnotized by its cold vibe
he sips his last drop of coffee

(he wishes to shake her off and go back to his reading)-
But its 6 pm
The café is closing down for the evening
He will not find out more about her art
For the shadows of this monolith
Has insidiously obstructed his will to read.


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