Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cold times

flood la rue st. laurent
and mess this quiet wintry day!
They pound them down (without even asking)
They mash them- squish them
They beat them down
They transform them into mucus-like-purée
Break them down
Strip them out of their bright flawless white
into ugly slush: whitesmoke and muddy
and splash them across the concrete frozen pavements
of indifference
…  …  …
They fell in silence
They twinkled - they swayed
and with the wind
They dispersed their splendor
through the lands
of concrete and grass.

They stuck gently to the earth
-and to each other-
They gradually gathered
one after another
Flake by flake
as they formed a velvet fluffy garment
over a nippy Montreal

They laid there.
White. Sublime. Until footsteps…
ZS 6.2.15

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