Sunday, March 14, 2021

masks are hardly


The breeze from the rushing train

Still brushes my long hair

Still gives a moment of surrender


Masks are hardly


Yet supposedly protective

From airborne viruses


Almost midday

Feb frost and news

Acquaintances passing away

Have become the norm


Back to survival

Of the fittest Mr. Darwin

Some century and a half

After you uttered those words


Subway still on time

Winter still freezing

Virus still at large





Friday, October 2, 2020

Ma Hatha?

Ma hatha
Out there
Is this a dream
Or a storm of realities
تشهق كل هوائي    
ليكشف اصوات اعماقي
Undulating sighs
Embracing whispers
ترتعش وتنتعش
With shreds of desire
من شفتيها المرتزقة
They quake and shake
Eyes wide open
لكن الإنجذاب يختبيء
بأعماق صدرها الرنان
Only to come out
In her misguided

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Defenseless Temples

Last week of march. Still snowing. Expected. A pandemic and the world on lockdown. Inevitable. Negativity has reached its boiling point. Corruption. Selfishness. Materialism. Crime. Drugs. Pollution. Vanity. Absurdity. Stupidity. Greed. Hate. A corroboration in the form of a germ. A parasite. A virus. An infectious disease. Loss of control.

(artwork by Jakob Schmidt)

March raindrops

I tell her it’s an exercise in opening up
You know
Enough to circumnavigate
Your wandering thoughts
Your undeniable attraction
To one
Acquainted with a star

Curiosity runs high
The day showers water down
Your sense of belonging
Your sense of expectation




Monday, January 20, 2020

koulou shaklen

Does she feel lonely without him
Or is every muse temporary?
من نفس الجنس بل عجينة أخرى
As he inhales one more breath
قبل ان يفكر بمستقبل أفضل وأنسب
She imagines

It is all that remains
من الأيام والسنين التي مضت
And will never come back
بأي شكل
Only desired shackles
That hinder our human

Friday, January 3, 2020


A bland face
Neutral almost
As the brain
Does not stop
The mind does not stop
About the heart
That does not stop
For a glow a voice a calling

A moment of clarity?
An instance of epiphany?

A light an answer
Would be worth
The muscles of my surface
To uncover my limited canvas
And reveal my versatile smile


Friday, December 20, 2019

Inner Hamsa

You can’t blame your folks anymore

Erase all your files        release pressure

                     وما اجمل النظر الى العالم من بعدها

Eyes glazed      pupils blank      very present

                   والأيادي مغرومة ومغرورة ومرغوبة

 ومرتفعتا مثل النسر المغامر

Gliding through buttery clouds

                    Over a sooty and golden horizon

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Fumes of migration
A diversion
Away they take me
Stretching to a past
Never forgotten they make me
Define me

Stories with familiar faces
Road trips to unusual places
Lines mapped in my eyes
Entries to my aching insides
Routes to a heart
Labyrinths to a mind
& what truly remains
Are fading impressions
Made in pure stardust
Receding beyond
The illusory mask
Of her material sanctuary…

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Death by Poetry (Part II)

طاردتك اليوم
لأربع ساعات
My chest wanders helplessly
محاولا ان يشهق من الهواء كل عطرك
As it remains silent and ironic
لا طالما أردت ان أسالك
For whom the bell tolls?

Monday, September 23, 2019

A Writing Corpse

Crickets annoy her a lot,
Or just as much as the other person.

Her mind a ruffle, an ostrich’s back
When its head is buried in the cold sand.

Can you tell me a story?

Adam and Eve were smoking
With the birds and the snakes
When nudity was not embarrassing or perverted.

Isomorphic tentacles come back around
So pay attention you must act
Before you can say I’m sorry.

Organic horrible smells green
A stream of paradise is never upside down
But still lifts the maple glaze from the color of her eyes.

It is no surprise we head for demise
When the solar winds etch your skin to wrinkles
When the canal of your youth is halfway there.

You continue swimming
Butterfly or backstrokes breaststrokes
You won’t have a stroke
Don’t you worry, keep on swimming
Into water you shall return
Drip drop drippity drop
Until your knees fail to carry you through
Rather bleak won’t you say?

What you want is what I want too
An integral space
For dreams & random dots
For drifting in love
When no one is watching.

As deep as my breath
Her eyelashes stretch in electric cables dispatch
Possessive currents of temptation
Singing lusty lyrics
To his breathing skeleton.


masks are hardly

  The breeze from the rushing train Still brushes my long hair Still gives a moment of surrender   Masks are hardly Breathable Y...