Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just because

I write because I dream
I dream because it’s my nature
To capture a picture -- a perception
When inspiration comes in letters warm
Flood colors and words that storm
A journey into the unreal
A cosmos of a transient appeal

I write because I dream
I dream because I like to phase out
And blow like a light zephyr in early springtime
And watch myself cool off
Slow down the friction before you catch fire
Before you burn into ashes of forgotten desire
Without answers that make any sense

I write because I dream
It is my personal space to beam
Out ---annoying and troubling thoughts
as the mind rushes into knots
When loneliness has been put to the test
And friendship has returned to its nest
& love once again has been chosen to rest

I write just because... 

Z.S. 6-7-17

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