Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sweet Reunion

In the sun              it floats
Doodling on the museum ticket
A hot cocoa & a medium cappuccino
Hooked on a feeling
Cold dry patches of grassy earth
OOGA-CHAGA Sami departs tonight
Heat in autumn is a blessing
Single drifting is not like couple’s drifting
Urban pace is slower in the park
Shades cover shy eyes
The bare tree stands proud        (on paper as is out there yonder)
We ponder
A white line divides sky
One portion blue the other lighter
The rolling paper prays
A harmony of fume and sun splendid
Hands get busy with ink & lead
As if to no surprise they spread
Images ephemeral waning rhizomes
A black dog            a cyclist       a baby in a carriage                  a veiled mother     
The hill breathes like us
Yellow is only temporary
Free air for everyone
A street lamp                  a skinny tree                   an odd face            a crystal contraption
Tattoos with words jumble
Between the blades of pages

& the friendly silence

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