Monday, August 17, 2015


It is unexpectedly inextricable to exit
From a dark corner of your house
With your hands tied up behind your back
And your eyes covered with a thick woolen cloth-
Your lips have dried up. No saliva, but tears
that have already stained the black cloth
And covers a hollow face that is unable to utter words-
Silent letters
They used to communicate the truth-
Scared, you fear your own shadow-
Know yourself is the key to true happiness they say
The key to unlock the truth
Maybe the truth is an untold dream-
perhaps you need to reveal it to a stranger,
a stranger who sits alone in a corner
scared of his own shadow
that moves with the flickering
of the half-melted lit candle of obscurity.
You fear the shadows
Multiple ones
Floating in a room of a shattered reality
And a misunderstood insanity.

Covered by heating wool
In this blinding pool
You wish to admire the sunrise that cannot be seen
Your eyes are sealed shut
No eyesight no vision
No air no taste of breath
Breathe less, keep air inside, breathe from nose
Stay alive
Is it a cowardice act?
Live and let live they say
But how to in this darkness?

No body no soul no life
You try to escape
You cannot see
You cannot taste
You can smell
the cloth that itches your nose
itches your breath, it tingles-
Sweat drops slowly and deep
It drowns you into unwanted darkness
Are you held off by some force?

Believe in signs they say and you will be free
Free from captivity
Still chained down to darkness
A voice rises, an audible sign
Calling in calling out
Loose ropes, no ropes
Unsure if you are ready to be free
What is causing this hindrance?

Darkness does not bother you.
You know darkness
You do not know freedom
You cannot see, still blind, you cannot see
You try to talk
No more silent letters
Utter sound, mouth gets moving
mouth unbound
a sound never heard before
agonizing yet free
painful yet uplifting
“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

Fear leaps over
Your face flushes with vitality
Your free hands
carefully remove the shades off
Open your eyes!
Do not be afraid!
Is this your reality now?
Is this the no-shadow reality?
Speak your mind.
Free your mind.
Speak out!

11-1-05/ rev. 2015

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