Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I hear you

A hallway of catalogues
Boxes of wasted milk
A voice from the walls
does not speak when you are alone

today he kissed the cheek of integrity
when a lifetime stares back at her
all this sounds like a carnival of twisted junction
illusive violence swirl soft inside out

a chello is not sad                    it just is
shiver piano keys fall on the shadows of strangers
without any cancer not scared of the dark
but of you you unpredictable collapse of bright eyes
while proud babies know their innate instincts

a splash of rubber smell wet in your armpits shiver
as if melodrama is his second nature
an exercise of the mind to play with jargon
in shape of sound where smoke rises without fire
a flame has been put out by you
fear the unknown is nothing like fear the fear
this is more psychotic

pedals of oblivious chatter echo across the cubicle of indifference
within a mind that jumbles
and a heart that crumbles
by the vibe of injustice chasing you
down the grey streets of ambivalent space

silence I love it I hate it It cannot choose
but mess with noiseless quaking
tiny electrodes prick your bare feet
skin only a wraparound covering bones and organs
of a sapien scared of her reflection

remember the lover not the hater
I never know what you’re going to say
Introspective trips peripatetic drips
In raindrops of shallow thinking
While the ocean waves call my name
Yet every time I am not the same

Whether memory or constructed fantasy
The breath lasts as much as the will
So get off of me please
I have to meet the sea once more

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