Thursday, July 14, 2016

Charlotte’s Design

all along the drive from Montreal to Vermont
& the murky summer skies follow flat
to distant hills surrounding a turbulent
Lake Champlain- we breathe
the moist air clean.

Kind rustics smile to strangers
in unfamiliar alleys and parks
oddly shaped between college street
& church street- we walk with a
maternal adventure till the heels
have had enough of wanderlust
& the moon has risen beyond
the thick croaking forest of Burlington bay.

The pond in the back twinkles
with fireflies quietly sparkling the way
to frog hollow.
A tranquil array of flight
to a friendly dwelling place
awaits the morning light
To quench a thirst for space,
people and sky-

We rest our happy bones
upon these unusual horizons
when there is a gladness to be alive.


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